Win 7day and 30 day gun!

Step 1: join Wolfers at

step 2 comment on this post with your User name and country.!/event.php?eid=113335298725322&ref=mf

How to play?

  • be online on 18th september(sat) around 10.00am.We will open another event if the response is good

    • Find a room named "Ahninani contest".Password will be ahni18

  • Come in and wait for others.

    • Deadline for you to register is 17th september(fri) and your user name will be confirmed.

    • It will be on the SG server

    • Only malaysian and singapore can take part.

    • we will wait for 2 minutes.if you are late,we will start without you.

      • Winners will be notified Here and our facebook group.

      • Gifts will be sent on the next day which is 19th sep(Sun) 

        • DOn;t worry if i scam,i will upload a video and proof of me sending the items.

        • Mode: Ice hold

          • Map : Paien Lab 

            • Rounds: 9Wins 
            • All cash items are not allowed.Only basic wolf and some Gold gun,no cash gun pls. 
            • What you win:

              Top killer of the wining team will receive any 30day gun (sponsored by Ahninani)

              Top killer of losing team will receive any 7days gun(sponsored by Ahninani)

              * 2nd top killer of both team will receive 7day pistol( Residentals)

    Any questions,You can contact us


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