Win 7day and 30 day gun!

Step 1: join Wolfers at

step 2 comment on this post with your User name and country.!/event.php?eid=113335298725322&ref=mf

How to play?

  • be online on 18th september(sat) around 10.00am.We will open another event if the response is good

    • Find a room named "Ahninani contest".Password will be ahni18

  • Come in and wait for others.

    • Deadline for you to register is 17th september(fri) and your user name will be confirmed.

    • It will be on the SG server

    • Only malaysian and singapore can take part.

    • we will wait for 2 minutes.if you are late,we will start without you.

      • Winners will be notified Here and our facebook group.

      • Gifts will be sent on the next day which is 19th sep(Sun) 

        • DOn;t worry if i scam,i will upload a video and proof of me sending the items.

        • Mode: Ice hold

          • Map : Paien Lab 

            • Rounds: 9Wins 
            • All cash items are not allowed.Only basic wolf and some Gold gun,no cash gun pls. 
            • What you win:

              Top killer of the wining team will receive any 30day gun (sponsored by Ahninani)

              Top killer of losing team will receive any 7days gun(sponsored by Ahninani)

              * 2nd top killer of both team will receive 7day pistol( Residentals)

    Any questions,You can contact us

First of all,please view the requirements for playing clicking start,run then dxdiag .download the client at first one is always the best).The directx version 9.0c or over must be installed in your computer,if not,click the above link to download.If you still got problems,it'll be best to watch a download tutorial at

i hate people who kick me out of room without any prove.there's one nub kick me when i didn't do anything wrong."äre you still small?"playing with kick function?this function is only for preventing hackers.

how to know who kicked you?

*they stopped moving for while?as you know,if you're gotta kick people,you need to press etc and press kick and it would take some time.but make sure you got the right person (sometimes if you are at A,and there's 1 guy also at A but he didn't move(don't suspect him)because there might also be others at different areas and not moving,it might be them. 
* i do understand that sometimes people don't move,maybe they went to loo or something?but if your room has alot of players,it difficult to find out who kicked you.